Our 5 top products to keep you warm this winter!

It doesn’t get worse at night than sliding into a cold bed and not being able to warm up. To stop turning the heating on full blast, we have great solutions to help fix the problem.

Here are our 5 top items to help you out, and to make it easier – you can buy them all under one roof.


1. Fleecy under blankets

Fleecy under blankets are a great way to add warmth, comfort and protect the mattress at the same time. Fleecy under blankets work as a fitted sheet style and are usually used underneath the fitted sheet. They are made up of polyester/Acrylic and are easily washed. A great choice to add warmth.

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2. Flannelette Sheets

Flannelette works excellently to keep those winter nights cosy. It’s made of 100% Brushed cotton and can be thermal or extra soft. Flannelette is becoming more and more popular as the years go by and modern designs can be found, even cartoons and characters for kids!

The flannelette consists of Sheets, Pillowcases and now Duvet Covers – All in different colours and patterns if preferred.  If you struggle to get warm at night and are fed up of the hot water bottle going cold, try out flannelette – we are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed!



3. Blankets

Blankets can be found in many different textures, styles and weights.

In store we have great selections from such as Cellular blankets, which have small holes in to allow pockets of heat to form and stay to keep you warm all night.

Fleeces are also an ideal way to stay warm, either to throw on whilst sat on the sofa, or to place as an extra layer In bed, we have many colours and styles to suit.

Bedspreads are a heavier weight, usually quilted and can keep you well insulated, can be found in many designs to suit décor. They can be kept on top of a quilt for extra thickness and warmth, or used simply by themselves as you can put them in the wash whole.


4. Thermal curtains

Thermal curtains are designed to keep heat in and reduce heating costs. They can usually be found as blackout as well which are ideal for anyone with small children, night workers or with inconvenient light outside. Thermal curtains are usually a fraction of the price dearer than standard curtains and are now available in modern designs and colours.

Also available are the thermal linings themselves which allows you to attach them yourself to curtains of your choice.

Thermal door curtains are another great way to reduce draughts by blocking out the doorway and stopping any air from passing through


5. Draught excluders

Draught excluders work great as a deterrent from any cold air which tries to creep in. They are placed horizontally neat up to the bottom of the door. They have a zipped cover for easy washing and can come in many designs to suit style of décor. Ideal to keep the draught out and heat in.New Design for website blog


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