Summer Must Haves!

Is the heat or early sunrise interfering with your sleep? We have a few ideas below on how to help. Take a look…

Blackout curtains!

If you’re a shift worker, or currently have a small child – you will totally understand these problems! We get asked regularly “How can I stop my child waking up before me? The sun light is glaring through the window – even though the curtains are really thick?” The answer is Blackout curtains, or even just the linings.

Blackout curtains are interwoven with a 3 pass thermal lining, which helps to block sunlight from entering the room when the curtains are closed. Also with them being Thermal, it helps to keep cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months! They don’t have to be boring either, there’s more and more nice patterns appearing now, so you can have a the curtains for the blackout purpose as well as being super stylish.

The other option would be to keep your original curtains and attach blackout linings. You can simply hook the linings on to the curtain tape with ease.

Either way, it’s not breaking the bank and allowing you to receive your much needed sleep!

Below: Cali blackout curtains – Plain – Available in 6 colours in Pencil pleat and 4 colours in Eyelet from £14.99

Alexis blackout curtains – Floral – Available in 3 colours, Pencil Pleat from £15.99

Thermal blackout linings – Plain White – Available only in Pencil Pleat from £13.99










Pure Cotton Sheets!

Cotton sheets are much cooler for the summer months. They act by being more breathable and pull sweat from your skin and dry quickly, similar to work out clothing. 200 Thread count would be ideal as the weave is not too tight to stop air flow. By being cotton, the bedding will stay crisp and far from your skin so it won’t trap warm air which shall keep you cooler throughout the night.

Choose lighter colours to help in the summer too. Dark colours absorb, Whereas lighter shades will allow the daylight from a window to bounce therefore keeping your room cooler.

Below: Egyptian Cotton 200tc sheets Available in cream and white – Fitted from £9.99


Lower your Tog!

Try a lower tog rating on your quilt. Sure 15 tog, and 13.5 are great for the winter months to keep you warm through the night – however not so good in Summer! Try a 4.5 or 6 as they are lighter weight and less insulated which will keep you cooler. Failing that, simply using a flat sheet would make a lot of difference! Even using a flat sheet between you and the quilt allows you to throw off the quilt if you get too warm during the night and use the flat sheet alone. If you’re really struggling with the warm temperatures – put the quilt in the cupboard, and just use the sheet!

Below: Percale flat sheets 180Tc Available in many colours – from £7.99









Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post, if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch. Items like these and more can be found on the site and in our Chesterfield Store!