Why to choose: Net Curtains?

Net curtains are the simplest and easiest way to keep your home private yet still allow light to enter. Nets are a constant barrier from nosey parkers whereas Blinds are usually either open or closed!

They’re not only cost effective but also super easy careA quick hand wash and drip dry! Net curtains are assumed to be traditional patterns, maybe even old fashioned, however over the years Nets have become more modern and up to date – much more popular with the younger generation.

They offer a wide range in sizes, which is great – as some times it can work out very costly to have blinds made specifically. Plus all this, they’re easy to fit! You can use rods, wires, thin poles – most of which now are available with adhesive hooks to attach, or tension themselves without any fitments – which is fantastic as no one wants to go to the effort of drilling if they don’t have to –  which also makes nets great for temporary use.

The main range varies from Café Nets, Caravan Nets and Standard Nets.

Café Nets Mostly found in Kitchens, the café nets are only designed in small drops, as they can be hung from the top of the window, or nearer the bottom, or in some cases, both. –  As shown below, Poppy Café Curtain.

Caravan Nets Associated with Caravans, as they generally have smaller windows than the usual house – However in some cases, bathroom/Landing windows have been this size. Available in 27”, 30” and 33” all slotted tops.


Standard Nets Available in 11 different drops and over 40 designs. Ranging from 36” drop to 90” drop – and some fantastic styles to choose from! One of our more popular designs shown below: 3988 – A pretty all over floral pattern

As a rule, nets generally have a slot top around 1” width which allows them to run smoothly along a wire, rod or thin pole.  It is essential to have the correct amount of gather. We always recommend 2.5 x the width of your window – this allows a neat pleat to run throughout the curtain, looking smart and effective. Although everyone has their own preference – Some prefer more, some prefer less, it’s all a matter of finding the correct balance to suit!



The modern twist on Net Curtains…

Some wonderful designs are available now, in great colours and patterns. Generally found in 4 different drops, with a standard width which means you usually need a few panels to fill a reasonably sized window. Offering a choice of Eyelets, Slot tops or Heading tape.









Voile Swags – Another popular choice, which look sensational! We run two lines called Millie and Maisie – both pretty designs available in a range of colours. See Millie Voile Swag below:


Voile Tie Blinds – With two ties attached, this allows you to raise or lower to chosen height – whilst still looking modern and stylish. Available in one size 55”width and 54”drop and a range of colours, some shown below:










Recently in store we have begun to run a made to measure line. Which is a bespoke 7-10 day service, allowing the customer to have whichever size they require – made to the exact mm

The exclusive designs in this range of over 40 voiles and nets are impeccable, offering some wonderfully stunning choices.

Currently this service is only available to order in store – however if you have any queries and believe this is something we could offer you, simply contact us via e-mail or phone and we may be able to help.









Thank you for reading our blog post. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by phone, e-mail or our face book page 🙂